Bio Rad Gel Doc Imaging System Universal Hood III


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  • The Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP Imaging System With Universal Hood III delivers exceptional imaging results across a wide range of applications. From chemiluminescence and fluorescence to colorimetric and multiplex assays, this system ensures unparalleled performance, allowing the user to capture and analyze samples with utmost clarity and accuracy.
  • Equipped with the Universal Hood III, this system offers superior flexibility, accommodating various gel sizes and types. Whether working with nucleic acid and protein in gels, western blots, plates, or even small animal imaging, the adaptable design of the Universal Hood III ensures effortless imaging of diverse samples.
  • Sensitive chemiluminescent detection: Acquires data from 1–3 channels in multichannel images
  • Universal hood with autofocus: Helps capture publication quality images in seconds
  • Imaging Capabilities: Fluorescent western blots (RGB, far-red, near-IR), Chemiluminescent western blots,  and all common nucleic acid and protein gel stains
  • Applications: Multiplex fluorescent western blotting, General gel documentation applications
  • and Stain-free technology imaging needs
  • Automated capabilities: Smart tray, autofocus, auto-exposure, image flat fielding
  • Max Imaging Area: 8.2″ x 6.6″ inches (21 x 16.8 cm)
  • Detector: Cooled CCD, 6 megapixels
  • Dynamic range: >4 orders of magnitude
  • Compatible Illumination sources: Trans-UV, 302 nm excitation, Epi-white, Trans-white (requires White Sample Tray), Trans-blue, 450−490 nm excitation (requires Blue Sample Tray) Epi-blue, 460−490 nm excitation, Epi-green, 520−545 nm excitation, Epi-red, 625−650 nm excitation, Epi-far red, 650−675 nm excitation, Epi-near IR, 755−777 nm excitation
  • Compatible Filter and applications: 590/110 nm standard filter to perform protein and DNA gel and blot imaging; Chemiluminescence filter; 518–546 nm filter for blue-excitable fluorophores and stains; 577–613 nm filter for green-excitable fluorophores and stains; 675–725 nm for red-excitable fluorophores and stains; 700–730 nm filter for far red-excitable fluorophores and stains; 813–860 nm for near IR-excitable fluorophores and stains
  • Data output: 16-bit or 8-bit: SCN, TIFF, JPEG files
  • Dimensions: 26″ W x 16″ D x 45” H inches (66 x 40.6 x 114.3 cm) 
  • Power: 100/115/230V, 50/60hz, 200va