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  • The BioFrac Fraction Collector is ideal for analytical and preparative chromatography applications; it’s easy to program and can be used for basic or complex fraction collection schemes at flow rates ≤100 ml/min. Available as a stand-alone fraction collector or as a component of the BioLogic DuoFlow™ and BioLogic™ LP Chromatography Systems, the BioFrac Fraction Collector offers flexibility with numerous collection rack options, including both custom and off-the-shelf collection racks.
  • The custom racks provide a wide range of collection capability, from drops to liters. Off-the-shelf racks extend the versatility of collection schemes and provide cost-effective storage of samples. Off-the-shelf racks are autoclavable, can be easily assembled, and lie flat, using little storage space.
  • Time: 0.01-99,999 min
  • Drop: 1-99,999 drops, flow rate < 5.0mL/min
  • Volume: 0.02-99,999mL
  • Collection mode: Time, drop, time windows (up to 20 windows), peak detection (threshold), time windows plus peak detection, volume (flow rate ≤100 ml/min)
  • Peak detection: Threshold, including slope detection algorithm for collection of double peaks above a set threshold
  • Detector input: ±0–100 mV or ±0–1 V
  • Wetted parts: All nonmetal, including Tefzel, PEEK
  • Dimensions: 17.5″W x 14″D x 15.2″H
  • Sample throughput: 2–3 tubes per sec (test tube change times: ~330 ms with 13 mm tubes, ~450 ms with 18 mm tubes)
  • Collection basis: 1–999 drops in 1 drop increments, 0.05–9.99 min in 0.01 min increments, 10.0–99.9 min in 0.1 min increments
  • Operating Temp: 4-40C

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