Elga Water Purification System CENTRA-R 200


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    Achieve pure excellence with the Elga Water Purification System CENTRA-R 200, offering integrated solutions for high-quality water.

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    • Delivers up to 38 liters per minute of type I, type II and type III water from distribution loop
    • Up to 18.2 MΩ-cm, type I, type II and type III water sutiable to feed ultra pure water systems and ispense points for all research lab applications
    • Optimized water purity is maintained using a combination of RO, UV oxidation, optional deionization cylinders, and microfiltration
    • Bacterial specification <5CFU/mL is maintained with the quick and easy sanitization protram for the RO membrane and distribution loop
    • Feeds multiple laboratories across several floors
    • Cost-effective when compared to traditional central systems