Mettler Toledo pH Meter EL20


Mettler Toledo pH Meter EL20: Accurate and reliable pH measurement for laboratory applications. User-friendly and highly precise. Shop with BaneBio!

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  • Many such questions arise in education – whether in Biology or Chemistry, in Geography or in Food Science. With the METTLER TOLEDO Education Line you can find the answers and perhaps even develop a passion for science.
  • Everything at a glance
  • Besides the simultaneous display of measurement value and temperature, the big, well organized display provides other helpful information. Icons immediately inform you about the condition of the electrode and whether a measurement is in progress or whether the reading is already stable.
  • pH made easy
  • The clearly labeled keypad makes operating the meter child’s play. “Read” starts a measurement “Cal” a calibration; you can switch directly to mV/ORP measurements simply by pressing the “Mode” button; graphical plots of readings can be transmitted to a printer via the analog output.
  • pH Range: 0 to 14
  • ph Resolution: 0.01
  • ph Relative Accuracy: ± 0.01
  • mV Range: -1999 to 1999
  • mV Resolution: 1
  • mV Relative Accuracy: ± 1
  • Temp Range: 0 to 100C
  • Temp Resolution: 0.1C
  • Temp Accuracy: ± 0.5

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