Millipore Water Purification System Direct-Q3


Get pure and ultrapure water on demand with the Millipore Direct-Q3 System. Ideal for all lab applications. Available now at BaneBio!

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  • For laboratories that do not have easy access to pretreated water and need between 1 and 10L of ultrapure water per day.
  • Water quality parameters (resistivity or conductivity, temperature) are clearly indicated on bright color display
  • Maintenance is limited to infrequent and easy replacement of required SmartPak DQ3 cartridge (SPR00SIA1US, available separately)
  • Volumetric dispensing function regulates water delivery for volumes up to 2.62 gal. (9.75L) in 0.12 gal. (0.25L) increments Systems connect to potable tap water feed with 1/2 NPTF connector and inlet strainer, and 8mm O.D. tubing (supplied)
  • Produces up to >0.1 gal./min. (>0.5L/min.) Type 1 water on demand at 25°C and 30ppb Total Organic Carbon (TOC) directly from potable tap water
  • Product water is suitable for preparing buffers for liquid chromatography separations and biochemical experiments, also for use with such analytical techniques as spectrophotometry and spectroscopy

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