Satorius Analytical Balance SECURA225D-1S


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  • The Sartorius Secura series gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can expect accurate and repeatable weighing result day in and day out. Operation is simplified with onboard annunciators and alarms for the level status to promote good weighing practices. Automatic internal calibration (isoCAL) is built in and programmed to activate when changes are sensed or a certain amount of time passes to ensure the balance remains calibrated. The Secura is even protected with password lock to prevent unwanted tampering. Add the Secura to ease your daily workload, streamline processes, and eliminate tedious and time consuming documentation. 
  • Dual Range Capacity
  • First Range: 120 gram capacity and a 0.00001 gram (0.01 mg) readability
  • Second Range120 – 220 gram capacity with a 0.0001 gram (0.1 mg) readability 
  • Large glass draft shield with coated glass to reduce electrostatic interference 
  • Real-time guidance prompts and alarm for leveling to encourage good weighing practices
  • Automatic internal adjustment/calibration (Sartorius isoCAL)
  • Integrated protection systems for minimizing your risk of obtaining incorrect results
  • Traceable documentation of all calibration and adjustment data 
  • Safe and clear documentation by sample and batch identifiers for keeping perfect track of weighing data
  • GLP and GMP compliant
  • Password security to protect the balance from being tampered with
  • PC direct function to Windows applications and plug and play capabilities with a Sartorius printer
  • Data transfer protocols SBI – table format – text format
  • Housing protection is acetone cleanable
  • Special laboratory applications include mixing, components, statistics, and conversions
  • Weighing
  • Density
  • Percentage
  • Check Weighing
  • Peak Hold
  • Counting
  • Animal Weighing

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