Shimadzu Corporation Inductively Couples Plasma Mass Spectrometer ICPMS-2023


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With its newly developed collision cell and optimized internal structure, the ICPMS-2030 provides superior sensitivity. At the same time, thanks to the adoption of its proprietary mini-torch unit and provision of an Eco mode, the quantity of argon gas needed for analyses has been greatly reduced to the industry’s lowest levels. As a result, low running costs are assured. The Development Assistant function of the software automatically sets the optimal analysis conditions for quantitative analysis. Then, after measurements are complete, the Diagnosis Assistant function automatically checks the validity of the necessary data. While reducing the burden on the user, the efficiency of analyses is enhanced and the reliability of the data can be increased. It complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Plasma ion source : Sample spray chamber

Cyclone chamber (electronically cooled)

Plasma ion source : Plasma torch

Mini torch

Plasma ion source : Nebulizer


High-frequency power supply unit

27 MHz, max. 1.4 kW

Mass spectrometer unit : Mass spectrometer

Quadrupole mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometer unit : Mass spectrometer

5 to 260

Mass spectrometer unit : Collision cell

Octopole collision cell