Thermo Shandon Limited Cryostat HM525 NX


Advanced sample preservation with Thermo Shandon Limited Cryostat HM525 NX, delivering precision and reliability for histological preparations.

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  • Fine section thickness range: 1-100um
  • Fine section thickness resolution:
  • 1-10um in 1um steps
  • 10-20um in 2um steps
  • 20-50um in 5um steps
  • 50-100um in 10um steps
  • Trimming thickness range: 5-500um
  • Trimming thickness resolution:
  • 5-30um in 5um steps
  • 30-100um in 10um steps
  • 100-200um in 20um steps
  • 200-500um in 50um steps
  • Specimen retraction (return travel): 20um
  • Chamber temperature: Max. -35°C +/-3°C at +20°C room temp
  • Cryobar cooling (Peltier element): Max. -55°C +/-3°C at 20°C ambient
  • Defrosting options: Programmed/Immediate
  • Certifications:CSA, CE
  • Electrical specifications:
  • 100V, 50Hz, 7A
  • 100-120V, 60Hz, 7A
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 29 x 30 x 45 in.