VWR Minicentrifuge C0803


VWR Minicentrifuge C0803: Compact and efficient for rapid sample processing. Ideal for quick spin-downs and microfiltration in labs.

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  • The VWR® Mini Centrifuge is designed for quick spin-downs of microcentrifuge tubes and PCR strips and tubes.
  • Quick-release rotors; no tools required
  • Eight position microtube rotor
  • Spins up to 7500 rpm/3200 xg
  • Decelerates in less than one second
  • The VWR® Mini Centrifuge features two quick-release rotors (no tools required): a 8×1.5/2.0 ml rotor and a 32×0.2 ml PCR rotor which also accommodates 4 eight place PCR strips. Close the lid and the unit quickly accelerates to 7500 rpm (3200 rcf). Open the lid and the rotor quickly and smoothly decelerates to a complete stop in less than one second.
  • 1.5/2.0mL Rotor Included

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Dimensions 13 × 10 × 7 in