Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the domestic and global use of basic and advanced laboratory equipment, supplies and services by our clients for their scientific research and development, practical learning and medical application needs. We achieve our mission by:

  • Promoting high quality standards on all products and services provided to our domestic and international clients;
  • Building trusting and long-term  relationships with scientific communities, researchers, academic and business leaders in areas including development, manufacturing, delivering, marketing and selling of scientific technologies, and by
  • Implementing sustainable and green practices to achieve desired excellence at all levels.

More Specifically on Achieving Our Mission

BaneBio is an innovative and a forward-looking company that advocates for adoption of best practices in scientific equipment transportation, warehousing, packaging, repair and maintenance services, and for total client satisfaction. These distinctive directions drive our competitiveness and sustainability domestically and globally.

Our customer-oriented strategy and focus on high quality allow us to be a preferred supplier of scientific equipment, products, supplies and services for laboratories in industry, scientific and government institutions in the U.S. and abroad. We prepare laboratory technology and equipment for testing and assessment, and we present clients with necessary documents to assist in internal processes.

We accomplish our strategic goals by utilizing effectively competitive resources, human talent and technology including: website and mobile applications, spacious warehousing, inventory in stock, loyal 3rd party suppliers, European representation, DOT registration, industry memberships, local and international networking with everyone from opinion-leaders, journalists, industry professionals, investors and decision-makers to scientists, researchers, teachers and students.

BaneBio participates in international events and conferences on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, and we provide insights and interviews for journalists and reporters. We consult with international experts and advisers, and we conduct presentations and lectures in front of target groups. Thus, we provide both general and expert assistance to everyone interested in the world of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research and development.