Lab Logistics

Laboratory Logistics

BaneBio’s Lab Logistics team can provide professional and efficient service to make your job easier and keep your scientific team focused.

Lab Relocation

Moving your lab? BaneBio’s Lab Logistics team is here to help! Whether you’re relocating down the street, across town, or within the state of Maryland, Northern VA, or DC, our experienced team will confidently move your valuable scientific equipment.

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Lab Storage

Need to store a centrifuge, freezer, or an entire lab for a short term? Trust your lab equipment to our lab logistics team. We can transport your lab equipment to our climate-controlled storage facility, where we will perform a detailed inventory of your equipment and provide monthly reminders about the equipment in storage. We want to help your organization save time and expense by providing a money back option on storage fees. Contact our Lab Logistics experts today!

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Lab Closure

Closing down your facility is never easy, however we can relieve the burden of dealing with the equipment and lab consumables within the lab. Our Lab Logistics professionals can provide end to end service on clearing out the lab(s) within your facility, leave the facility broom swept and offer the company cash for their valuable equipment.

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Custom Scientific Packaging

Need to move a piece of equipment from your lab on the east coast to your corporate affiliate on the West Coast, BaneBio’s Lab Logistics team to the rescue. We can pick up the equipment, professionally package the equipment, including custom crates, and take care of the shipping logistics to deliver your valuable scientific equipment safely, professionally and economically.

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Need to move a piece of equipment from your lab within the Greater DMV area to a colleague’s or satellite lab within the same area, BaneBio’s Lab Logistics can do the job. Our experienced team will provide you with the confidence you need to have to ensure a professional, safe and economical solution.

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We know many companies receive valuable scientific equipment at their facilities every day. However, oftentimes, laboratory personnel are asked to help ‘unload’ or ‘unpack’ a piece of equipment from a crate, pallet or truck.

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BaneBio is your expert Laboratory Logistics service provider. We move lab equipment every day, we understand the value of the laboratory equipment and how important it is to the success of research. We have all the necessary material handling equipment to handle almost every job and our professional laboratory logistics team will finish every project and job with the utmost respect for the people and surroundings. Give us a call or send an inquiry.