Cannabis Industry

Cannabis testing in the USA is becoming more commonplace. Maryland is leading the way in developing tests more streamlined with pharmaceutical regulations. Analytical instrumentation required for medical marijuana testing is pricey and it requires larger funding.

At BaneBio, we focus on providing economical solutions for buying cannabis equipment more effectively and efficiently. Often, the BaneBio’s Cannabis Equipment Supermarket includes cannabis testing equipment that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. All of the cannabis equipment passes rigorous testing procedures and is backed with a BaneBio’s Standard 30-day warranty.


Smart Start with Big Moves

Cannabis Industry Driven Investments

The fast emerging cannabis industry opens opportunities for planning and making market-driven, effective investments in equipment and services for processing and testing marijuana. Material science will play a crucial role as new cannabis products keep emerging from R&D. Smart moves towards contract packaging with the pharma market and equipment leasing with suppliers can positively influence the ROI of cannabis businesses. The cannabis sector calls for even bigger investment in equipment efficiency and production scalability.


Options When Buying Cannabis Equipment

When seeking financial capital to fund cannabis equipment needs entrepreneurs can choose from several options, most commonly available to them, such as:

  • Take out a home equity line of credit
  • Use credit cards
  • Raise funds from friends and family
  • Self-fund from personal savings
  • Self-fund from business profits
  • Consider both debt and equity financing resources
  • Connect with a network of private investors

Some small banks in Colorado can fund cannabis businesses as well. Still, the main funding decision entrepreneurs need to make is whether the funding they seek will be in the form of debt, such as loans, or in the form of an equity, by selling a piece of their companies. Often, entrepreneurs actively seek funding by contacting directly potential investors or partners, including at cannabis industry events, such as the Annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference.

BaneBio is always looking to accommodate financial needs and funding options for our clients. Contact us to explore financing opportunities through BaneBio for your cannabis testing equipment needs.