As a proud member of the Maryland Green Registry, BaneBio believes in reducing waste by restoring, repairing, recycling, and reimaging quality equipment whenever possible. How we restore and repair optical microscopes is a good example of the way we work to protect the environment while providing lower cost equipment options for science-based businesses.

Like many different types of lab equipment, optical microscopes can outlast their usefulness in a particular setting long before they are worn out or obsolete. Our BaneBio service technicians have the experience and expertise to restore and calibrate these sophisticated instruments to accurate operation so they can be reused in a new setting with confidence.

Our expert, in-house staff can restore, repair, and even retrofit most optical microscopes from NOZL=Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica/Leitz, as well as older USA-made microscopes from American Optical and Bausch and Lomb. In addition to the basics– cleaning, lubricating, and aligning– we repair old circuit boards for light intensity control. We also have the ability to fabricate parts and adapters to upgrade old microscopes for LED illumination, motorized XYZ, and modern digital photomicroscopy (including cell phone camera adapters). We can even locate missing components for microscopes that may be 20-30 years old!

Following service, one of these technicians will inspect the microscope for proper operation and functionality. Each item is backed by our standard 30 -day warranty.