Most of the optical microscopes acquired by BaneBio come from  surplus sources and biological firms that have moved, merged or simply run out of funding  to continue in business. Many of these instruments have optical or mechanical problems that need correction. Many are missing parts that make the entire microscope functional. Some of these microscopes come to BaneBio after sitting in a warehouse for many years.  All of these optical microscopes usually arrive here in need of a good cleaning, proper lubrication and alignment checks. We have the staff to perform these tasks with expertise and confidence.

RRR …..reduce, reuse, restore……re-imagine, recycle etc etc. BaneBio has the ability to properly restore and service optical microscopes of all makes. We can locate missing components for microscopes that may be 20-30 years old. Most optical microscopes from the major brands  (NOZL=Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica/Leitz) as well as older USA-made microscopes from American Optical and Bausch and Lomb can be repaired by our in-house service staff.  We can even repair old circuit boards for light intensity control! We also have the ability to fabricate parts and adapters to upgrade old microscopes for LED illumination, motorized XYZ and modern digital photomicroscopy (including cell phone camera adapters). All in-house and with the expertise required to restore old microscopes for continued usage into the 21st century.