Lab Owl™: Bring Your Used Bioreactors Back to Life

Helping Emerging Companies Maximize Budget Impact and Lab Performance

Nearly all early-stage, emerging biotechs struggle to patch together the high-functioning equipment, technology and processes while making the most out of every budget dollar.

That’s why BaneBio has partnered with Lab Owl, a leading bioreactor automation controls company, to help our customers make the most of their investment in used or new lab equipment. Lab Owl has an impressive track record of extending the shelf-life of legacy equipment and seamlessly integrating lab instruments and equipment to maximize a company’s return on investment. Prominent, rapidly growing life science companies like BioFactura and KempBio have experienced the Lab Owl difference firsthand.

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What is Lab Owl?

Lab Owl™ is an affordable, open architecture, automated bioreactor control system that can be a true game changer for emerging life science companies struggling to conduct cell culture and fermentation processes with second hand, older or refurbished legacy lab equipment. Because of its open architecture and technology agnostic design, the Lab Owl lab automation system can easily integrate with a company’s legacy equipment, enhancing process efficiency, product quality and data capture while reducing human error and increasing experiment repeatability. 

When you partner with Lab Owl, you get greater efficiency, consistent reliability, higher quality cell culture and fermentation runs and stronger proof of concept. You’ll get the absolute most out of every budget dollar you’ve invested into lab equipment. 
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Lab Owl Features and Benefits

  • Easy set up and scalability
  • Outstanding Flexibility
  • Secure, Remote Monitoring
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Outstanding, Ongoing Support
  • Strong Return on Investment

Lab Owl Clients, Partners and Associations

We’ve partnered with Lab Owl because they are a true difference maker for labs at emerging biotech companies whose survival depends on their ability to perform consistently, produce accurate and reliable data and remain agile. 



University of Maryland’s (UMD) Biotechnology Research and Education Program (BREP)

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