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BaneBio Donates Lab Consumables to Seeding Labs

In today’s global society, scientists in developing countries are facing community issues of deadly virus outbreaks, and the impact of drought and other severe weather conditions. More often than not, there is a lack of equipment, as well as advanced training and resources to make important scientific advancements. That’s where Seeding Labs comes in.

laboratory warehouse“Seeding Labs is a 501c3 non-profit organization that empowers talented scientists in developing countries to conduct life-changing research” (retrieved from: Seeding Labs aims to provide scientists and their students with equipment and training solutions. Scientific advancements in developing countries are critical to the country’s future.

In October of 2015, BaneBio made a donation of laboratory consumables worth an estimated $7,500 in retail value. Each $500 donation to Seeding Labs supports 10 students. Meaning, BaneBio’s donation enables 150 students in countries across Africa and Latin America to make important scientific gains in their communities.


BaneBio is a proud cohort of Corporate Partners in association with Seeding Labs.