3M Purification Inc. Sanitary T-Line Housing 1ZMS3


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    3M Purification Inc. Sanitary T-Line Housing 1ZMS3: High-quality, reliable filtration solution designed for critical process sanitation and efficiency.

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    • 3M ZMS Series Sanitary T-Line Housings are designed for critical clarification and sterile filtration applications
    • Manufactured to strict quality standards and from high quality materials, the ZMS series filter housings meet the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industries
    • 316L stainless steel construction that offers excellent corrosion resistance provides long term service
    • Accepts code 7 style double o-ring (2-226 cartridge style) bayonet lock cartridge
    • Clean-in-place (CIP) / steam-in-place (SIP) design that permits easy cleaning, sterilization or sanitization in place (in-situ)
    • Designed to minimize product holdup volume and enable maximum recovery of product
    • High quality surface finish (10 micro inch R internal) that helps minimize bacterial/particulate adhesion
    • Housings accommodate 10", 20" or 30" filter cartridge
    • Sanitary design vent and drain (optional drain valves available)
    • Sanitary inline 316L Stainless Steel housings for pharmaceutical cartridge filter applications