Air Science Ductless Filtering Fume Hood Purair 5 24″


Ensure safe and clean air with the Air Science Purair 5 24″ Ductless Filtering Fume Hood from BaneBio. Ideal for laboratories requiring effective air filtration.

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  • Equipment is brand new
  • This Purair ductless fume hood is designed to deliver exceptional performance at a low cost. This ductless fume hood can be utilized in research, academic, forensic, pharmaceutical, and medical laboratories worldwide to protect users and the environment from harmful gasses. Innovative Air Science MultiplexTM Filtration Technology creates safe and healthy lab conditions by filtering out substances. A large-capacity supply air system produces a face velocity of 100 fpm. A low airflow alert system alerts users when deviated on this ductless fume hood. The Air Science filter assembly makes the filter conveniently accessible and replaced. The filter clamping design avoids bypass leaking beyond the enclosure. Simple switches for the blower and a low airflow alert are features on the user control panel. Unacceptable amounts are reported by the continuous air velocity monitoring system. Any authorized personnel can manually adjust the centrifugal fan speed on this air science fume hood. This ductless chemical fume hood is ideal for a variety of labs.
  • Airflow: 100CFM
  • Face Velocity: 136FPM
  • Noise Level: <50 dBA
  • Fan Type: Ebm-papst centrifgual fan
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, UL/CSA 61010, CE Mark, OSHA, ANSI, RoHS
  • Exterior Dimensions: 24″x27″x31″
  • Interior Dimensions: 22″x24″x19″
  • 120lbs
  • 120V 10A 60Hz