Bio Tek Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Plate Reader Cytation 1 Image Reader CYT1FA


Discover the future of cell imaging with Bio Tek’s Cytation 1 Image Reader, a versatile plate reader that combines microscopy and multi-mode detection.

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  • Date of Manufacture: 2020
  • BioTek Cytation 1 cell imaging multi-mode reader combines fluorescence and high contrast brightfield imaging with conventional multi-mode detection. This affordable imaging reader delivers performance and economy compared to other digital microscopy systems
  • The BioTek Cytation 1 design provides both quantitative phenotypic cellular data with well-based quantitative data. The multi-mode detection module has high sensitivity filter-based fluorescence and a monochromator for UV-Vis absorbance. Temperature control and shaking are standard. CO2/O2 control and reagent injectors are available. Gen5 software simplifies image capture and plate reading.
  • Gen5 software not included
  • CO2 Concentration Range: 0 to 20%
  • Includes: Monochromator absorbance; Filter/dichroic fluorescence; Luminescence/filtered luminescence
  • Plate Type: 6-well to 384-well plates
  • Light Source: Xenon Flash
  • Dimensions: 20″D x 17.5″H x 16.5″W
  • Shaking: Linear, Orbital, Double Orbital
  • O2 Concentration Range: 0 to 19%
  • Reading Options: Endpoint, kinetic, area scanning, plate mode inject/read process and well mode inject/read process
  • Resolution: 0.3 μm/pixel at 20X
  • Temperature Range: Incubation to 45C
  • Instrument has been tested and works as intended. Instrument connected and communicated with the software. Software is buyers responsibility, they must contact Agilent for software and service agreement!