Clamco Heat Sealer / w Heat Shrink Tunnel Combo Junior Tabletop Shrink Wrap System


Streamline packaging with Clamco Heat Sealer Heat Shrink Tunnel Combo Junior Tabletop Shrink Wrap System, a compact heat sealer and shrink tunnel combo.

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  • Quality and durability in an L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel that will fit on your tabletop.
  • The Combo Junior is a combination of a tabletop L-sealer and a tabletop tunnel. These units can be used separately or together to pack and shrink small quantities of products.
  • The Combo Junior tabletop shrink wrap system provides many of the same high-quality features of our larger combination shrink systems in a compact, tabletop design. These small machines are easy to operate and have an excellent shrink result. No tools are needed for a fast and easy setup.
  • The Simpulse™ Heat System on the L-Sealer is an impulse trim sealer allowing for lower energy use and greater safety than constant heat units. The shrink tunnel provides complete heating all around the package along with the same cooldown safety controls as our larger tunnels.
  • Circulair Heat Chamber provides efficient and customizable airflow for perfect packages
  • Micro perforation wheel makes fine holes in the film allowing trapped air to escape in the shrink process, ensuring a high quality package appearance
  • Automatic cool down circuit protects tunnel controls during shutdown
  • Variable speed heat tunnel for better shrink performance
  • Ergonomic design with cushioned seal bar handle
  • Magnetic hold down seal bar for higher strength seals
  • Seal length (end) 16″
    Seal length (side) 14″
    Film width (max) 20″
    Tunnel opening width 16″
    Tunnel opening height 8″
    Tunnel inside length 20″
    Tunnel power (watt) 2,100
    Magnetic Seal Bar Hold Down Yes
    Voltage (standard)
    • 120V