Gyrolab AB Automated Immunoassay Workstation & GL Degasser xP P0001840 xP P0001840


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    Gyrolab AB Automated Immunoassay Workstation & GL Degasser GYROLAB xP P0001840: Automates complex immunoassays, increasing throughput and precision in diagnostic testing.

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    • Using proprietary Gyrolab CD technology, Gyrolab™ xP workstation optimizes immunoassay development and performance in your laboratory. Nanoliter-scale immunoassays deliver exceptional reproducibility in less time than conventional ELISA and with lower sample and reagent consumption. Automated runs take less than one hour per CD, and up to five CDs can be run unattended to maximize productivity.
    • A range of consumables includes CDs for different applications and assays, and buffers to optimize performance. You can develop assays using your own reagents, or use kits from Gyros Protein Technologies or EMD Millipore.
    • Regulatory compliance in GxP environments is supported by the Gyrolab Functionality Check Kit, a comprehensive IQ/OQ validation, QSR (21 CFR part 11) compliance, and a PQ guidance package.
    • Gyrolab xP workstation ensures high reproducibility between the five CDs run in one batch.
    • The workstation can be connected to a computer network to enable remote data evaluation and communication towards other systems.
    • From discovery and preclinical R&D, to bioprocess and regulated bioanalysis, Gyrolab xP workstation helps your team to develop assays in less time than manual methods and increase throughput – quickly, efficiently and reliably.
      • Nanoliter-scale immunoassays generating high quality data
      • Automated assay workflows
      • High throughput with unattended operation
      • Fast time to result: up to 112 data points in <1 hour, 560 data points in <5 hours
      • New assays developed in days