Hamilton Liquid Handler Microlab Nimbus


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    Hamilton Microlab Nimbus: Streamlines liquid handling with precision automation. Enhances throughput and reproducibility in labs. View BaneBio’s equipment today!

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    • unit was tested as far as we could. No known issues or errors. No software so buyer will need to verify functionality upon purchase. unit is as-is.
    • Includes two (2) green rails t(not shown)
    • The MICROLAB NIMBUS is Hamilton Company's automated multi-channel pipetting workstation, offering a high density deck layout with a compact footprint. The 96-channel CO-RE head provides an unmatched dynamic pipetting range from 1.0l to 1000l. The system utilizes the same high speed head as Hamilton's STAR instruments, so there is no sacrifice in pipetting performance. The NIMBUS 96 is ideal for:
    • Fast plate replications
    • Row-wise and column-wide serial dilutions
    • PCR sample prep
    • DNA/RNA isolation
    • MALDI target spotting
    • Reagent addition