Lauda Recirculating Chiller Process Thermostat T2200


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    Lauda Recirculating Chiller T2200: Maintain optimal temperature control in laboratory processes with Lauda’s reliable and efficient chiller.

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    • 208-230V 60Hz
    • Temperature range: -20°C to 120°C
    • Temperature setting in +/-0.2°C increments
    • Volume: 7L
    • Working temperature min. -25 °C
    • Working temperature max. 120 °C
    • Ambient temperature min. 5 °C
    • Ambient temperature max. 40 °C
    • Temperature stability 0.2 ±K
    • Application: external
    • Filling volume min. 3 L
    • Filling volume max. 7 L
    • Cooling output at -5°C measured with ethanol 1.7 kW
    • Heater power 2.25 kW
    • Cooling output at 20°C measured with ethanol 2.7 kW
    • Cooling output at 10°C measured with ethanol 2.3 kW
    • Cooling output at 5°C measured with ethanol 2.1 kW
    • Cooling output at 0°C measured with ethanol 1.9 kW
    • Cooling output at -10°C measured with ethanol 1.4 kW