Masterflex Peristaltic Pump 7585-30


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    Masterflex Peristaltic Pump 7585-30: Achieve precise fluid transfer with the durable and reliable Masterflex 7585-30 peristaltic pump.

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    • 115VAC 50/60Hz 6.5A
    • 12-350RPM
    • The RAPID-LOAD B/T peristaltic pump is mounted on a base and attached to a NEMA 56C frame
    • motor or IEC-72 71-14F130 frame motor (with foot mountings) through a 5:1 gear head and adapter. Depending on the
    • model, the motor is either supplied or customer furnished and is attached to the adapter by four bolts and to the base
    • by an additional four bolts. The controller is mounted on a bracket above the gear head. The bracket and controller can
    • be removed and hung by two bolts at a location up to 10 ft. away. The controller incorporates a REV-OFF-FWD switch
    • and a speed control