Mokon Hydrothermal Circulating WaterTemperature Control System DT4309AFJ


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    Mokon Hydrothermal Circulating Water Temperature Control System DT4309AFJ: Precise temperature management for a variety of industrial processes, ensuring optimal conditions.

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    • 460V 3PH 60Hz 13FLA
    • Circulating water temperature control system is engineered to improve accuracy, reliability of operation and increase output. The Hydrotherm has the highest quality components and construction materials in the industry with non-ferrous and stainless steel piping and connections, which do not rust or contaminate water. The Hydrotherm surpasses all competitive systems by providing stainless steel as the main component for wetted surfaces.
    • Model: HZ
    • Pump:1/2 Horsepower
    • Flo Rate & Pressure:15 gpm @15psi
    • Process Connection: 1.25" NPT
    • Supply/Drain Connection: 1/2" NPT