PendoTECH PressureMAT Sensor Monitor PMAT3


PendoTECH PressureMAT Sensor Monitor PMAT3: Monitor critical pressure levels accurately with PendoTECH’s PressureMAT, ensuring process integrity.

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  • 12-24VDC
  • 2 AMP Max
  • The PressureMAT® is a monitor, alarm, and transmitter unit designed for use with the PendoTECH Single Use Pressure Sensors. This lightweight, portable unit can easily be moved around a lab or pilot plant to the location where pressure measurement is required. The monitors use state of the art, solid state electronics, which require no calibration or maintenance. The output options, simplify integration to PCs or higher level control systems and a relay switch enables interfacing with pumps and valves. Options include models with up to four pressure sensor inputs. The PMAT3 and PMAT4 model can optionally display Delta-Pressure of P1-P2 or trans-membrane pressure (TMP) for filtration processes. These calculated values can also have alarm set-points and the values can be transmitted.

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