RNA – STF Hopper Unit w/ Elevator & Motor


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    RNA – STF Hopper Unit w/ Elevator & Motor: Streamline material handling with RNA’s comprehensive system, featuring efficient elevation and transport.

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    • The new STF series from RNA is a high-quality standard and bespoke vertical conveyor.
    • A hopper system eliminates jamming of the parts between the conveyor belt and cover or hopper wall.
    • The adjustable baffle plate in the spout prevents parts from getting under the back belt cover.
    • The open design of the lower deflection station prevents parts jamming.
    • The new series is optimized with regards to the filling height, the variable discharge height and noise reducing measures.
    • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    • Wide range of sizes and capacities
    • Best suited for light parts
    • Includes quick-dump door for fast part changeover.
    • Regulates part levels in the feeder.
    • Extends feeder run time without operator input
    • Extremely customizable
    • Gentle part handling
    • Ergonomic