Sanyo -150C Ultra-Low Chest Freezer MDF-C2156VANC


Sanyo -150C Ultra-Low Chest Freezer MDF-C2156VANC: Protect your critical samples with Sanyo’s ultra-low temperature freezer, ensuring long-term preservation.

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  • Temperature range: -125°C to -150°C
  • 8.2 Cubic Feet
  • TheCryogenic MDF-C2156VAN-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is Ideally suited forcryogenicand long-term storage in laboratories.
  • TheSanyo MDF-C2156VAN is a mechanicalcryogenicfreezer and incorporates design features that no longer use harmful CFC's to achieve a ultralow temperature of -150ºC.
  • Sanyo’s VIP PLUS technology maximizes storage capacity over conventionally insulated models,
  • resulting in lower operating costs, better temperature stability and retention, and safer sample storage.
  • Other features include high performance quiet-running refrigeration system with hermitically sealed compressors,
  • an LED digital display and flat key data entry, high-efficiency oil separator,
  • and foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation material, among others.
  • The Sanyo MDF-C2156 measures 68”W x 30”D x 40”H.
  • 220V 60Hz 8A 1700W