Spex Freezer Mill 6750-115


SPEX Freezer Mill 6750-115: Ideal for DNA/RNA extraction, preserves sample integrity with cryogenic grinding, warranty included. View BaneBio’s equipment today!

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  • 115V 5A 1PH 60Hz
  • Cryogenic impact grinder with self-contained liquid nitrogen tub and insulated case.
  • Holds one 6751 sample vial for grinding, with the capacity to hold two additional vials in a pre cooling chamber.
  • Equipped with speed control, programmable timer, and safety interlock.
  • Supplied with a 6754 Extractor/Vial Opener, one 6755 Vial Rack, and power cord (European CEE 7/7 two-prong power cord supplied with 6750-230 Freezer/Mill).
  • Liquid nitrogen necessary for operation.
  • Grinding containers and optional accessories sold separately.
  • Grinds samples in the 0.1 gram to 5.0 gram range.