TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor

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Simplify DNA/RNA extraction with the TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor. Automated, efficient processing for high-purity results. View BaneBio’s equipment today!

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TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor can process up to 16 samples simultaneously by the magnetic rods to bind and transfer the magnetic beads, the 96-well plate or single-sample reagent cartridge and magnetic tip comb. By using the corresponding nucleic acid extraction reagent, this product can automatically purify DNA/RNA from various samples of animal, plant, bacteria, fungi, etc., and extract DNA from plasmid, agarose gel and PCR product.

Super easy to use

No extra pipetting work. The elution volume can be adjusted as required.


The installation and operation require little training. With pre-installed programs, unpack the cartridge, select the protocol and run your experiment. Programs are ready-to-use, and also customizable.

New binding mode

The magnetic rod adopts the strong end binding mode.

The magnetic beads bind at the rod bottom, which ensures that the eluent can still cover all magnetic beads even when the eluent volume is small. The design maximizes the yield of nucleic acid.

Contamination control and operator protection

It can be placed on a clean bench or in the chemical hood.

The instrument is running in an automatic and closed way.


The contamination control system adopts two mechanisms: the internal cross-contamination control system and ultraviolet sterilization system, to extensively avoid cross-contamination between columns and samples.

Preloaded reagents and matched disposable consumables.

The chemical handling is eliminated to the greatest extent to ensure the operation safety.