VWR PCR Workstation 10783-132


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    VWR PCR Workstation 10783-132: Enhance PCR preparation with VWR’s workstation, offering a clean environment to prevent contamination.

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    • 120V 60Hz
    • The VWR® PCR Workstation offers twin decontamination action by UV inactivation of airborne and surface-bound contaminants, and therefore represents an ideal environment for PCR sample preparation and other sensitive protocols.
    • Large working area for stress-free working
    • Can accommodate benchtop equipment
    • Function indicator for UV air recirculator tube
    • Displays operating time of UV tubes
    • Enables well-timed replacement of tubes for constant UV intensity
    • Removable shelves provide additional storage space at the rear panel
    • Four internal power outlets for operating lab equipment
    • Electromagnetic safety mechanism stops UV irradiation if front panel is opened
    • This workstation allows the combination of several working steps without change of location or interruption of workflow, thereby also minimising the risk of cross-contamination.
    • Active decontamination of work surface during non-working time by UV irradiation. Additional inactivation of aerosol-bound contaminants by shielded UV Air Recirculator during operation. Contaminant prevention with antimicrobial work surface made of stainless steel.