Wallac Multilabel Counter Victor2 1420-011


Wallac Victor2 1420-011: High-sensitivity multilabel counter for accurate assays, easy integration with labs, with a reliable warranty.

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  • 110/120V 50/60Hz
  • Includes computer workstation with software
  • Software and computer is designed to support the future demands of industrial and academic laboratories for multiple assay technologies on a single platform. 
  • This reader allows immediate access to more than 10 counting modes, covering all of the main nonradioactive counting technologies. 
  • It accepts all types of microtitration plates with between 1 and 864 (1536 fluorescence and time-resolved fluorescence) wells, as well as Petri dishes, slides, filters and Terasaki plates. 
  • It includes scanning, shaking and kinetics modules. 
  • As small bench top unit, it is easy to place as a stand-alone instrument or to integrate into a robotic system. 
  • Performing the work of a fluorometer, a luminometer, a time-resolved fluorometer and a photometer, it provides a superior alternative to a whole series of mutually incompatible analytical instruments.