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How to Successfully Set Up a New Lab

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It’s the biotech entrepreneur’s dream. A science-based startup business’ Graceland, if you will. It’s lab design time, and BaneBio is here to walk you through the process of setting up your new lab design. 

The Business of Labs

The best opportunities begin with business plans, and a lab is no exception. Your business plan should include the following:

  • An executive summary
  • Company description
  • Market analysis
  • Organization structure
  • Management structure
  • Outline of services
  • Products offered
  • Funding request

This high-level overview of your company spells out why you know your lab will be successful, the services it will provide, the structure in place, and where dollars are allocated to make it profitable. If you’re looking for investors or a loan, this plan will come in handy to pique their interest. 

The Space

There are several ways to get rolling on your lab, from leasing spaces that once housed labs to building your business to spec. Although it is more costly to start from scratch, trying to fit into a former science space may not be ideal if they were not operationally set up similarly to the services and research you’ll offer. 

The Start-Up

Building a lab from the ground up is an investment. It’s one of the reasons why BaneBio is home of the scientific supermarket and is meticulous about prime used lab equipment. When selecting each piece that will make up your laboratory, following your budget is critical. Pay attention to where each dollar is going, from the flooring to the number of workspaces required. It’s not about cutting costs: it’s about making the best decisions when securing inventory and building your infrastructure. 

The Move

Moving large equipment and some lab-specific items may require specialty movers. Two guys and their truck may not be licensed to transport your items. You also want to ensure that your inventory is relocated by professionals who understand the precision required. When moving frozen storage, ensure all freezers are working and meet temperature requirements before stocking them. 

The Equipment

Now comes the fun part! BaneBio’s team is well-versed in helping labs of all sizes select just the right pieces. The type of labwork your company performs means you’ll need specific items. You can always add more tech and lab items later. What you need now is an expert like BaneBio to get you up and to run the right way. 

The Employees

You need more than a simple “Help Wanted” ad to build your team. Acquiring the right talent is critical, from compliance and labor laws to certifications and specialty areas. Remember, part of the lure to attract team members comes down to benefits, compensation, company culture, communication tools, and having the right leaders in place to encourage communication and job satisfaction. 

Let BaneBio Take the Stress out of Your New Laboratory 

BaneBio has lent its expertise and services to laboratories in the BioHealth Capital Region for over a decade. We are your trusted laboratory sales and moving service provider with the equipment knowledge, proper equipment handling materials, and proven customer satisfaction to meet and exceed your expectations.  

Don’t just let any company offer their purchasing suggestions or move your valuable scientific equipment: trust BaneBio, the Lab Logistics experts. Contact us today!