Fluidigm Biomark IFC Controller AX BMK-IFC-AX


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    Fluidigm Biomark IFC Controller AX enhances genomic analysis with precision. Ideal for high-throughput applications, ensuring accuracy.

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    • Controls the pressure required to precisely meter fluids to the fluid channels and control valves on the chips using a single bay.
    • pneumatically operated desktop instrument.
    • built-in air compressor capable of maintaining pressure at 50-80 psi, sufficient for thecontroller operation.
    • The embedded PC inside the IFC Controller regulates all the functions and monitors the performance of instrument.
    • single loading bay to hold the chip, which is shuttled in and out of the instrument by a pneumatic cylinder.
    • A barcode reader integrated into the IFC Controller automatically scans the barcode label on the chip when shuttling it into the instrument.
    • touch panel LCD display.
    • All required user specific instructions and functions can be controlled through the touch enabled graphic user interface.
    • designed with various pneumatic cylinders activated through a set of solenoid valves and regulators.