Kaye Instruments INC Wired Validation System Validator X2000


Ensure compliance with Kaye’s Validator X2000 System. Precision validation for critical environments, now at BaneBio. Trust in top-tier accuracy.

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  • 100-240V 0.75A 50/60Hz
  • A thermal validation solution for inspection of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing. Recognized and widely used Validation System for the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry for wired application.
  • For nearly two decades the Kaye Validator 2000 has been the standard for wired Validations systems in the Pharma/ Biotech industry. Thousands of users trust and rely on the accuracy, reliability and proven performance of the Validator 2000. With the introduction of the new Validator AVS, Kaye wants to ensure our large installed base of existing Validator 2000 users that, as we have done throughout our history, we continue to provide support and allow them ample time to properly plan for their future and provide uninterrupted validations.
  • Accepts up to 36 inputs in any combination of thermocouple, voltage or current inputs
  • Minimizes sensor handling and saves calibration time with plug-in sensor modules
  • Stores calibration offsets, allowing the software to link module with a specific instrument

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