Distek 2100A Dissolution System 2100A


Elevate your dissolution testing with the Distek 2100A Dissolution System. Precision-engineered for consistent, accurate results. Available at BaneBio.

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  • The Distek Model 2100A Dissolution Test System combines enhanced features with state-of-the-art communications to bring an even higher level of reproducibility and control to dissolution laboratories. Since 1979, when permanent shaft centering was introduced, Distek has been first with new design features that improve performance levels in dissolution testing for product development, quality control, and research laboratories throughout the pharmaceutical industry. The Distek TCS-0200C Thermocirculator with Temperature Probe is a Temperature Control System for units such as the Distek Model 2100ADissolution Test System.
  • Distek’s fourth generation of the workhorse 2100 series  offers new space savings and productivity enhancing design features that will keep it the forefront of traditional bath-based dissolution systems.
  • The 2100A dissolution system is a direct replacement for the DISTEK 2100B dissolution bath. All functions and specifications of the 2100B are preserved. New features are provided for simpler height adjustment, and to reduce bench space requirements.
  • Versatility and Flexibility
  • The 2100A accommodates up to 8 vessels ranging in size from100 mL to 4 L, allowing
  • a wider range of tests to be run on the same unit.
  • Interchangeable Paddles & Baskets
  • USP-compliant interchangeable stirring devices are coupled with a quick-change height adjustment spacer to provide a fast transition between USP Apparatus 1 and USP Apparatus 2 without having to remove the shaft.
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • A one-time height adjustment allows for the automatic setting of height when utilizing interchangeable paddles and baskets.
  • Hideaway Thermocirculator
  • The small vertical design allows the circulator to be tucked behind the bath, requiring no additional linear bench space. The fast microprocessor and high-flow pump allow for improved temperature uniformity and control.
  • Single Piece Molded Water Bath
  • With no seams to leak or crack, the molded design ensures that no dead areas exist and leaves less residual bath water after draining for quicker, easier cleanup.
  • Non-Motorized LiftA simplified lift mechanism allows users to easily raise and lower the drive head without the need of an expensive motorized lift.
  • Built-in Communications
  • Integrated RS-232 port and parallel printer port allow for external instrument control through the Agilent UV-Vis
  • Spectrophotometer and reporting via an external printer.
  • Manufacture Specifications:
  • Dissolution Vessels:    
  • Six vessels standard, 7 or 8 optional
  • Volume:    
  • 5001000 mL standard, 1004000 mL optional
  • Water Bath:                              
  • One-piece molded acrylic
  • RPM Control Range:        
  • 25350 RPM, digitally controlled, closed loop
  • Resolution:                                            
  • 0.1 RPM
  • Accuracy:                                             
  • 0.2 RPM
  • Display:                                 
  • LED’s, 0.55 (14 mm) high
  • Motor:                              
  • High torque, permanent magnet
  • Vessel Temperature Control: 
  • Resolution:                                            
  • 0.01C
  • Accuracy                                        
  • 0.2C at 37C
  • Shaft Wobble:                
  • Less than 0.010″ (Total Indicator Runout)
  • Program Modes:                             
  • Manual or Automatic
  • Interface Ports:             
  • RS-232 (1), RS-485 (2), parallel printer (1)