Barnstead Electrothermal IA9300 Digital Melting Point Apparatus IA9300


Achieve accurate melting points with the Barnstead IA9300 Apparatus from BaneBio. Digital precision for exact measurements in research & quality control.

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  • The IA9300 Digital Melting Point Apparatus offers an easy way to measure the melting points of samples without sacrificing accuracy; the temperature resolution is within 0.1C. It is ideal for multiple users, being ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable viewing for everyone, with a height-adjustable extension arm and a viewing head that may be rotated to suit each user. As a visual aid, the viewing head holds a viewing magnifier that offers 8X magnification. The melting point apparatus has a membrane keypad with easy-to-use menus.
  • As a further convenience, the extension arm is completely collapsible and can be neatly folded away into the unit, so that the unit can be stored flat to save space. In addition, the IA9300 melting point apparatus models offer the option of storing 500 melting point determinations and can be connected to a printer.
  •  Used for recording beginning and ending points (melting point ranges) of each of three samples.
  •  Features pre-programmed ramp rates of 1C per minute.
  •  Programmable ramp rates from 0.2 to 10.0C/min. in 0.1C increments.
  •  Batch memory can store up to 500 sets of data, which can be later recalled on the LCD display or can be printed.
  •  Each set of data contains the beginning and ending points for each of the three samples.
  •  Dates and time can be recorded or printed using the real time clock function.
  •  LED indicator light identifies which of the three capillary tubes is being viewed on recorded.

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