Nikon Inverted Microscope Eclipse TS100


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    Nikon Inverted Microscope Eclipse TS100: Explore samples with precision using the Eclipse TS100, designed for high-quality imaging and ease of use.

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    • Includes 4 objectives: Nikon – 4x/0.10, 40×0.65, 20x/0.40, 10×0.25
    • 100/110/120 V, 50-60 Hz, 0.8 A
    • The TS100 inverted routine microscope produces sharp, brilliantly clear images, while achieving longer working distances and higher numerical apertures.
    • It is ideal for applications such as tissue culture, plaque measurement and blood typing. Used in combination with Narishige manipulators (not included) these microscopes can be used for a range ofmicromanipulationtechniques necessary for cyto-engineering, developmental biology and genetic engineering, electrophysiology, pharmacology and neurochemistry.
    • This compact high-performance inverted microscope uses Eco-illumination, a newly developed LED illumination. Eco-illumination provides enough brightness for phase contrast and NAMC observations. With a fly-eye lens, uniform brightness is provided in the entire field of view. LEDs are an environmentally friendly low-power-consumption light source. Eco-illumination provides a long lifetime of 60,000 hours and reduces the frequency of lamp replacement. Nikons highly acclaimed CFI60 optical system is used, providing flat, sharp and clear images, while achieving longer working distances and higher numerical apertures.
    • The space-saving body is robust and vibration-resistant, enabling safe specimen observations. The microscope controls are designed for ease of use. The ECLIPSE TS100 ensures high-quality observations for various areas, such as cell culture, inspections and research.The MiniVID USB is our best-selling camera for microscopy. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube of a binocular microscope, or thread-mounted onto any trinocular C-mount.
    • The MiniVID USB 3.0 is the perfect addition to any microscope for training techs, educating clients, or documenting for patient files and medical device records.

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    Weight 50 lbs
    Dimensions 25 × 19 × 25 in