Savant SpeedVac Centrifugal Evaporator Centrifuge Rotor RH200-12


Concentrate samples efficiently with Savant SpeedVac RH200-12. Optimal evaporation performance for delicate samples. Available at BaneBio.

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  • Microtubes: 200 x 1.5mL; Glass and Plastic Tubes: 200 (12 x 75mm), Large Capacity models
  • Holds: 1.5mL Microtube, 12x75mm, 13x100mm Glass and Plastic Tubes
  • For Use With: SPD210, SPD2030, SPD300DDA (Requires RAD200)
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-size tube holes accommodate different sample sizes
  • Requires no additional accessories
  • Fit directly into your concentrator