Watson Marlow Flexicon Peristaltic Liquid Filling Pump 520Di


Boost filling accuracy with Watson Marlow’s 520Di Pump. Gentle peristaltic action, ideal for sensitive fluids. Precision liquid handling at BaneBio.

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  • 520Di pumps combine industrial power and durability with unrivalled precision, pumping up to 3.5 L/min and achieving pressures up to 2 bar. The pump can store up to 50 dispensing programs using the simple screen-keypad interface. The pump outputs batch records for cGMP requirements.
  • Accurate, fast dispensing for ultimate batch consistency. Dispenses 50 ml in 2 seconds with ±0.5 % accuracy.
  • Fully automated aseptic fill/finish in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical drug manufacturing
  • Countertop media or reagent preparation in laboratory suites – filling or inoculating bottles, vials, Petri dishes and media bags
  • Five-year warranty NEMA2 and NEMA4X (IP66 and IP31) enclosure for high-pressure washdown environments
  • Addition of colors, dyes, flavors, vitamins, and other ingredients in food production
  • Accuracy: +-0.5%
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5C to 40C : 40F to 104F
  • Speed Control Ratio: 2200:1
  • Humidity: (Condensing) 10 to 100% RH, (Non-condensing) 80% up to 31C (88F), decreasingly linearly to 50% at 40C (104F)
  • Compatible Tubing Size: 1.6mm ID, 3.2mm ID, 4.8mm ID, 6.4mm ID, 8.0mm ID, 9.6mm ID
  • Power: 100/230V 50/60Hz 1PH

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