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Have You Heard the News? We’ve Changed Our Name!



Press Release: ReGen Lab Equipment, LLC Announces Corporate Name Change to BaneBio, LLC


In response to a recent expansion of our product and service offerings to the life sciences community, ReGen Lab Equipment, LLC announced Thursday, September 15 that it will change its name to BaneBio, LLC.

“The company has recently expanded its product and service offerings – as a result we felt our name no longer represented the breadth of our offerings to the life sciences community. Our core focus will continue to be high quality used lab equipment with warranty. However, in addition we will offer new products, specialty microscopy sales and services, circuit board repair, and an enhanced customer experience,” said Doug Bane, President of BaneBio.

lab equipment staff “It is important to have a name you can trust that stands for quality, value, and customer care,” said Bane, “so effective immediately, the company name will change to BaneBio – Home of the Scientific Supermarket, and we will launch a new website to introduce an updated corporate identity.”

“Our company is recognized globally as a provider of high quality regenerated lab equipment,” said Bane. “BaneBio will take that core idea and expand into new and exciting niche markets resulting in more equipment and better service for our loyal customers.”

BaneBio, founded in 2008, is based in Frederick, MD – a few miles outside Montgomery County, the epicenter for biotechnology in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The company offers an array of used and new lab equipment at a competitive price, with financing options, equipment acquisition, equipment consulting, lab equipment repair and testing, and manufacturer’s certification available. To find out more please refer to the press release at