3DMed ANDiS 350 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System


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    Streamline DNA/RNA extraction with 3DMed ANDiS 350. Automated, high-efficiency processing for accurate and fast nucleic acid isolation.

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    • Dimensions: 400 x400 x 450 mm
    • Integrated Barcode Reader: Not applicable
    • Operating Temperature: from room temperature to 115 C
    • Pipetting Range: 30 – 1000ul
    • Protocols/main Application: DNA purification and RNA purification
    • Technology of Purification: Magnetic Bead based open source reagents
    • Throughput: 16/32 samples per run
    • UV: Preinstalled UV lamp for worktable decontamination
    • 100-120V 60Hz 450W
    • DOM:07/2020
    • Easy-to-Use: 7-inch color touch screen display, built-in computer with Android OS.
    • Pre-loaded reagents & fully automated sample processing, minimal hands-on time.
    • USB supported for system upgrade and program import.
    • High Throughput: Sample Throughput 16/32.
    • Extraction time 30-60 mins(reagent dependent).
    • Reagent type Magnetic bead-based open source reagents.
    • Small-in-Size: Approximately 15.8 in x 15.8 in x 17.8 in in size.
    • easily fits in any biosafety cabinet, easily transported.
    • Ultra-efficient and rapid: >95% recovery rate of magnetic beads, ultra-high extraction efficiency.
    • Turnaround time of 30~60 minutes (reagent dependent).
    • Robust and reliable: Built-in UV lamp for preventing contamination, <3% CV for technical replicates
    • Readily Adaptable: Compatible with different magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction reagents.
    • Memory for storing up to 500 programs.
    • Optimized protocols for each sample type.

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    Weight 75 lbs
    Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 in