BioRad Peltier Thermal Cycler Tetrad 2


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  • The Bio-Rad Tetrad 2 Four Blocks Peltier Thermal Cycler is a laboratory instrument used to amplify DNA using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method. The thermal cycler is designed to control the temperature of samples in four separate blocks, each of which can accommodate up to 96 PCR tubes or 384-well PCR plates.
  • The thermal cycler uses Peltier technology to rapidly and accurately heat and cool the samples. The temperature can be controlled precisely, allowing for the optimization of PCR reactions for a wide range of applications.
  • The Tetrad 2 thermal cycler is equipped with a user-friendly interface, which allows for the programming and storage of multiple PCR protocols. This makes it easy to set up and run PCR reactions for a wide range of applications, such as genotyping, gene expression analysis, and mutation detection.
  • The Tetrad 2 also features advanced thermal gradient capabilities, which allows for the optimization of annealing temperatures in PCR reactions. This feature can help improve the specificity and yield of PCR reactions.
  • Thermal Range: 0 to 105C
  • Thermal Accuracy: 0.3C
  • Ramping Speed: Tp to 3C/sec
  • Thermal Uniformity: +-0.4C
  • Memory: 1,000 typical programs
  • 200-240VAC 50-60Hz 3200W

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