Biotix Single Channel Pippette xP-1000 xPipette


Handle larger volumes effortlessly with Biotix xP-1000 Single Channel Pipette. Precision engineering for reliable, consistent results.

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Compatible with Biotix xTIP4 and Rainin® LTS™ pipette tips.
When inserting a tip the pipette contacts the positive stop in xTIP4 pipette tips to create identical tip alignment and sealing every time
Up to 5X less ejection force than traditional pipetting systems
Low drag seals and light spring forces produce a smooth accurate draw with lighter force
Easy to reach ejector button is cushioned to reduce dynamic stresses when ejecting a tip
Volume lock ensures your measurements are accurate and precise without volume drift
Designed to be rugged and durable for long term use with a low cost of ownership

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Dimensions 13 × 10 × 7 in