CTC Analytics HTC PAL Autosampler Liquid Handler w/Stack Cooler


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    Automate your liquid handling with CTC Analytics HTC PAL Autosampler. Enhanced efficiency and precision with integrated stack cooler.

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    • Syringe-only concept means no tubing in sample path for transparent injection operation.
    • Combines the manual sample injection procedure of any LC chromatographer with the precision and throughput of a robotic liquid handling system.
    • Compact instrument design accommodates up to 24 microplates within 50cm benchspace, a sample capacity unmatched in the industry.
    • Processes standard microplates, deepwell plates or standard sample vials
    • Temperature-controlled sample storage from 4°C up to 40°C.
    • Remote control software for customized prep and load cycles.
    • LCMS system, various third party HTC PAL drivers are available.