Evoqua Hot Water Sanitizable Electrodeionization Module IP-LXM24HI-3


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    Evoqua Hot Water Sanitizable Electrodeionization Module IP-LXM24HI-3: Advanced water purification technology, ensuring high-quality results with Evoqua’s sanitizable module.

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    • LX-HI
    • Hot water sanitization is more effective than chemical sanitization for controlling microbial growth. Ease of operation, maximum reliability and low operating costs are signature features of Ionpure modules. LX-HI modules are ideal for firstly, pharmaceutical, secondly, biotechnology and thirdly, other applications where they desire chemical-free, instant hot water sanitization. LX-HI modules produce high-purity water without regeneration downtime.
    • Features
    • Hot water sanitizable at 85C 5C
    • Continuous operation up to 60C
    • US Patented technology for instant hot water capability no ramp up/down required
    • Higher sanitization pressures 2.0 bar
    • Double O-ring seal guarantees leak-free operation
    • Proven performance after 150+ sanitizations
    • Concentrate recirculation and brine injection not required
    • Wetted materials of construction comply with FDA requirements
    • Quality Assurance
    • CE marked.
    • Each module is factory tested to meet strict industry standards.
    • Halal Certification