GE Automated Liquid Chromatography System AKTAprocess


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  • DOM: 2008
  • ÄKTAprocess is a versatile platform providing thousands of configuration possibilities. The system is available in three flow rate ranges that extend up to 2000 L/h.
  • Versatile configuration with UNICORN control
  • Post-purchase configuration increases usability and lifespan
  • Traceable USP Class VI, CFR 177 and animal-origin-free materials
  • Intelligent Packing of AxiChrom columns
  • Ability to perform 2-pump inline dilution (ILD), where buffers are prepared in line from buffer concentrates. With ILD, significant reductions in floor space and tank volumes can be achieved
  • ÄKTAprocess is an automated liquid chromatography system built for process scale-up and large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The proven design has been verified during development and can be user configured to meet specific process demands. ÄKTAprocess is the obvious choice of system to use when scaling up processes developed on smaller ÄKTA pure and ÄKTApilot systems.