Hermle Labnet Refigerated Centrifuge Z323K


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    Enhance lab precision with Hermle Labnet’s Z323K Refrigerated Centrifuge. Optimal for temperature-sensitive samples, ensuring reliability.

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    • Speed is selectable in 10rpm and 500rpm increments.
    • Time may be set from 1 to 60 min. or “continuous.”
    • Time remaining to complete a run is also displayed.
    • Radius correction feature allows g-value calculation with compensation for varying tube size and adapters.
    • Braking power can be adjusted to any of ten available intensity levels.
    • Displays actual and selected sample temperature
    • Quick button for short runs with corresponding digital display of elapsed time in seconds
    • Automatic “precool” program
    • Automatic rotor recognition
    • Program memory to store 10 complete centrifuge runs