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  • A unique new approach to the measurement of viral concentrations; qViro incorporates Izon’s proprietary scanning ion…
  • A unique new approach to the measurement of viral concentrations; qViro incorporates Izon’s proprietary scanning ion occlusion sensing (SIOS) platform to bring this virus counting technology to the research lab. 
  • qViro is a virus counting instrument which provides previously unavailable capability to count and characterise individual virus particles in real-time. Using the sensitive manual control available in qViro, Izon’s dynamically adjustable nanopores can be tuned for a range of viral particle sizes, giving researchers the capacity for precision counting of viruses.
  • Accurate Determination of Total Viral Titre –  qViro enables rapid and reliable counting of the total number of virus particles present in a sample. Used in conjunction with infectivity assays this allows users to determine the relative concentrations of infective virus particles vs. total viral particles present. 
  • Aggregation Analysis for Assessment of Viral Stability –  The qViro measures viral particle size on a particle-by-particle basis, providing accurate size distribution output, which is useful for assessment of viral aggregation and stability during vaccine production. The number of viral aggregates can be reliably measured and displayed in relation to the total number of pure virus particles in the sample. 
  • Real-time Measurement. Particle-by-Particle Accuracy –  Resistive Pulse Sensing combined with Size Tunable Nanopores allows very accurate determination of viral size and concentration. Virus particles are measured one-by-one as they cross the sensing nanopore and built up into a total population level view of the sample. 
  • Examples of Viruses measured to date –  HIV, Influenza (including H1N1), Adenovirus, Lentivirus, Baculovirus, Dengue virus, Varacella Zoster Virus, HSV Marine and fresh water viruses, including both purified and environmental samples. 
  • Compact. Small Footprint –  qViro is compact (~12.5cm base, 21.5cm tall) and portable, and fits easily into fume hoods and biological containment facilities. Connection via USB to a laptop allows convenient and intuitive data recording and analysis. 
  • Rapid Analysis –  Rapid detection occurs in real-time, with measurement of thousands of viral particles usually taking seconds. Total analysis time per sample is usually less than 15 minutes 
  • Easy Set-up. Small Sample Size.  Measurement is simple and involves pipetting 40µl of sample into the sample chamber of the qViro. Disposable elements of the instrument enable issues of contamination to be handled easily
  • Detector: Coulter-type Resistive Pulse Sensor with Size Tunable Nanopores
  • Measurement Time: less than 15 min

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