KNF Pump UN86KT.46P


KNF Pump UN86KT.46P: Efficient and reliable diaphragm pump for various lab applications. Ideal for precise and consistent fluid handling.

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  • Chemically resistant, oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump used for a wide range of laboratory applications. It features a PPS head, PTFE-coated diaphragm and FFPM valves. An integrated vacuum gauge and regulator provides simple, convenient control of your vacuum process.
  • Flow Rate (max.): 5.5 l/min
  • Ultimate Vacuum (max.): 160 mbar (abs.)
  • Clean, 100% oil-free operation
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Vacuum gauge and regulator for simple, convenient control
  • Compact, quiet and reliable
  • Flow Rate: 5.5 L/Min
  • Ultimate Vacuum (max): 160 mbar
  • Pressure (max): 2.4 bar
  • Premissible Media Temp: 5-40C

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