Nuaire Autoflow IR Direct Heat CO2 Incubator NU-5500


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    Cultivate with confidence using Nuaire Autoflow NU-5500 CO2 Incubator. Precise CO2 control and IR direct heating for optimal cell growth.

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    • Temperature Range: 18C to 55C 5C above ambient to 30C ambient max.
    • Temperature Uniformity: +0.3C @ 37C.
    • Temperature Accuracy: +0.1C.
    • CO2 Range: 0.1 to 20%.
    • CO2 Accuracy: +0.1%
    • CO2 Recovery: up to 5% +0.2% in 4 minutes.
    • Temperature Recovery: 0.3C/min. Average
    • Temperature Display Resolution: 0.1C
    • CO2 Uniformity: +0.1%
    • CO2 Display Resolution: 0.1%